OneCoin is a cryptocurrency that has really taken off in the last two years.  It was started by Dr. Ruja in eastern Europe, and according to the home site ( there are 2.9 million unique members, ten times the number of BitCoin users.  OneCoin is currently unavailable in the States, although it is popular and growing in 194 other countries.  It will be returning to the US in October 2018… at which time it will also go public and investors expect a leap in value that has been steadily increasing in the background.  OneCoin is privately held to an unusual level for blockchain technologies, which are generally decentralized.  This makes it less transparent, but more secure.  OneCoin has had a lot of bad press on the internet, and it’s hard to know if that is because of envy, malice, or general lack of understanding.

Here is a general overview of  OneCoin, and here is a comparison chart with BitCoin.  Click HERE for the latest update (late October, 2017).

If you are overseas, or if you have a trusted friend who is willing to act for you, this is an excellent time to get into OneCoin prior to the ICO (initial coin offering, when it will be exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies), and the IPO (when the company itself goes public).  As with other cryptocurrency programs, OneCoin offers levels or packages.  Each account can hold up to three packages of increasing value, and each package carries the ability to ‘split’ the tokens that are mined to create the actual coins.  Tokens ‘split’ or double every six weeks or so, meaning that if you utilize good timing, you can come out with three splits or 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 times the original number of tokens, which means a yield of 8 times the eventual OneCoins.  Of course, you can also add to your e-wallet through bonuses and commissions.

OneCoin is unusual in that an individual can have more than one account, and these accounts will be transferable to American members after the IPO.  The company emphasizes its educational program as well as the opportunity to earn the cryptocoins themselves.  OneCoin’s levels are:

Rookie — free membership, but must be funded within 14 days.

Starter Package:  110 euros, one split with 800 tokens

Trader Package:  550 euros, one split with 4,000 tokens

Pro Trader Package:  1,100 euros, one split with 8,000 tokens

Tycoon Trader Package:  5,030 euros, two splits with 48,000 tokens

Premium Trader Package:  13,750 euros, two splits with 120,000 tokens

Initial Launch Pack:  55,555 euros, four splits, 500,000 tokens

The OneCoin site is  Because one cannot join from the US, it’s important for an existing member to register your account using a VPN (or operating outside the States).  If you’re interested, please call 805.440.5573, or email