Non-Profit Foundations and Projects

Since 2003, Dr. Kyre has been developing funds to support some major humanitarian / philanthropic projects.  In order of priority…

Teal Sheep Foundation is a US 501c3 that funds projects in the arts, writing, healing, spirituality, and chocolate.  Click HERE for more on TSF;  we will also have a separate webpage at

Ganesha Foundation — based in Malta, Ganesha supports research and development of disruptive technologies for humanitarian purposes.  Click HERE for more information.

Keeping Kids Inspired Foundation is developing after-school programs for kids, organic food, and environmental education.
Contact:  Kendis Keeping,, 805.423.7431

Rose Star Foundation supports veterans with PTSD starting in Utah and Idaho, spreading throughout the US.
Contact:  Connie Robinson,, 435.640.1297

Vision Impaired Foundation supplies screen-reading software for the blind.
Contact:  Amy Adams,, 540.285.0259