Non-Profit Foundations and Projects

Since 2003, I have been developing funds to support some major humanitarian / philanthropic projects.  In order of priority…

Teal Sheep Foundation is a US 501c3 that funds projects in the arts, writing, healing, spirituality, and chocolate.  Click HERE for more on TSF;  we will also have a separate webpage at

Ganesha Foundation — based in Malta, Ganesha supports research and development of disruptive technologies for humanitarian purposes.  Click HERE for more information.

Rose Star Foundation supports veterans with PTSD starting in Utah and Idaho, spreading throughout the US.
Contact:  Connie Robinson,, 435.640.1297

Vision Impaired Foundation supplies screen-reading software for the blind.
Contact:  Amy Adams,, 540.505.4951


DirectRelief sends out a billion dollars’ worth of medical and disaster relief every year, from a staff of 70 based in Goleta.  They always need funds and volunteers!
Contact:  Dean Axelrod,,, 805.879.4932

Charitable Gifts Agency offers insurance and annuity services to benefit nonprofits
Contact:  Tom Ligare,,, 805.684.0109

February 2019: NEWS!

I was recently contacted by a fellow who specializes in setting up 501c3 foundations for a VERY reasonable price.  His company has an excellent record, plus his professional writer works with you to create your mission statement and 1023 (the IRS application for nonprofit status — normally the most painful part of this process).  He does all the forms and creates the foundation itself for a flat fee of $600 (plus the IRS filing fee of $600 when he sends in the 1023).  I paid $4,400 plus the IRS fee for my foundation, so this is a steal!  He is based in Florida;  however, he can set up foundations in any state.  Here are the contact details:

Shai Goldstein at
Phone:  (561) 212-1192