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A Great Leap Upwards!

A Great Leap Upwards!

Are you 100% happy, healthy, passionate, and satisfied with your life? If not, we can clear the blocks in your bio-computers so that your natural gifts and genius can shine once more!

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Church of Chocolate

Church of Chocolate

Ready for some luscious truffles? At the Church of Chocolate, our motto is "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet!" Click on the link below to find out more -- and to order your truffles now!

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Teal Sheep Foundation

Teal Sheep Foundation

Dr. Kyre is the founder of Teal Sheep, a 501c3 nonprofit that pursues flights of fancy, and supports artists, healers and dreamers with radical notions for the social and environmental good. Read on...

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Janine’s Gingersnaps

Gingersnaps for a bright autumn day… It’s a perfect day in October:  the sun is out, yet the air is crisp and cool.  The leaves are turning in our small university town in central Illinois.  There’s a physics potluck in a couple of days, so it’s the perfect time to make gingersnaps! Janine’s Gingersnaps This…

Sticky Spiced Carrots – Mark II

Sticky Cumin and Orange Carrots — revised This is another recipe adapted from Midnight Chicken, the fabulous cookbook by Ella Risbridger.*  I discovered this cookbook at my local library and was instantly entranced by the combination of autobiography and inspiration.  Find it, buy it, read it, use it! This recipe takes ten minutes to prep…

Mark’s Creamed Leeks

Mark’s Creamed Leeks This recipe is adapted from Midnight Chicken, the wonderful cookbook by Ella Risbridger*.  I discovered this cookbook at my local library and was instantly entranced by the combination of autobiography and inspiration.  Every day I find new gems, and I strongly recommend it! This recipe takes ten minutes to prep and 20…

Chocolate Macaroon Tart

Chocolate Macaroon Tart Every two weeks, I attend the Mathematician’s Potluck at George and Bettina’s house.  This has become my testing ground for new recipes, and last night I had a hit with this luscious tart . This gluten-free vegan treat is calorie-dense;  of course, you only need to have a tiny slice, right?  In…

Spiritual Silliness

Spiritual Silliness I was listening to an inspired Geotran call last night that urged us all to stay out of strife, because that is one of the tools of this world, and it blocks our blessings. Now, as someone who is political by nature, that’s a hard one to hear sometimes, and yet I do…

Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse Cake

Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse Cake The days are getting cooler here in the Midwest, and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice season is upon us.  Okay, I did choose the pumpkin pancakes when we went to the diner for Saturday breakfast, but all the same, a little pumpkin spice goes a long way. Despite my natural culinary cynicism,…

Being Yourself, Part IV

Being Yourself Part IV In Human Design, being ‘you’ is about following your Type, Authority, and Strategy, plus your Incarnation/Profile/color/tone, and so on.  In Geotran, we ask, “Am I 100% ME?”  If not, what percent?  What do I require to be 100% me?  How many ways am I contaminated, assimilated, or possessed right now?  For…

Being Yourself, Part III

Being Yourself, Part III Conditioning and contamination leave you in the pigeonhole of another’s expectations, and that always ends up in mediocrity, the enemy of excellence.  It all comes back to knowing who and what you are, and making choices from your authentic self rather than your role in your family, religion, football team, or…