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A Great Leap Upwards!

A Great Leap Upwards!

Are you 100% happy, healthy, passionate, and satisfied with your life? If not, we can clear the blocks in your bio-computers so that your natural gifts and genius can shine once more!

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Church of Chocolate

Church of Chocolate

Ready for some luscious truffles? At the Church of Chocolate, our motto is "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet!" Click on the link below to find out more -- and to order your truffles now!

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Teal Sheep Foundation

Teal Sheep Foundation

Dr. Kyre is the founder of Teal Sheep, a 501c3 nonprofit that pursues flights of fancy, and supports artists, healers and dreamers with radical notions for the social and environmental good. Read on...

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Oooh, Slippers!

CROSS-OVER SLIPPERS FOR A CROSS-OVER CELEBRATION It’s less than a week before Christmas, and even though it’s not ‘my’ holiday, I like the giving that goes around at Midwinter. As a knitter, that means (typically) I choose a pattern and make about a dozen similar objects (socks, scarves, whatever) starting in August. This year I…

Boneless Sheep

And now for something completely different… It’s time to talk about boneless sheep, and yes, I will explain. Last night I actually slept well, which is unusual; at least, that’s my story in the past – I’m working on a new sleep story. At any rate, part of my ability to sleep was because I…

The Art of W.A.R.

WORK AVOIDANCE RITUALs or WARs Do you have Work Avoidance Rituals?  Of course you do!  Mine include cooking, reading, knitting, tidying up, FaceBook, Youtube, watching films, and taking baths.  What should I be doing?  Geotran and writing.  For example, this fine Sunday morning I promised myself to finish the final editorial review of Divine Feminine…

Holiday Gift of Geotran!

Several people called recently to ask how to start with Geotran, the language of creation that we use to clear your bio-computers so that you can reboot your happy, healthy, prosperous life.  (For more about Geotran, click HERE.) Officially, I charge $200 per session, or $800 for five sessions.  These five sessions are transferrable, if…

Vegan Buttercream Icing/Frosting

I’m making my Hazelnut-Pear Torte for a dinner party tomorrow, and researched some healthier-but-delicious buttercreams to go with it. So let’s leap in! In each case, the quantity will make enough to dress one 7” cake in two layers. Sweet Potato Buttercream – which tastes much better than it sounds. Ingredients: 2 medium sweet potatoes,…


HANUKKAH / CHANUKAH – THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT(S) Today – 2. December, 2018 – is that start of Hanukkah, or חֲנֻכָּה, meaning ‘dedication’. Like all Jewish festivals, the celebration starts at sunset. This is even more appropriate when the core ritual is lighting candles. You will have seen a menorah somewhere in your travels, with…

Vegan Brownies – yum!

VEGAN CHOCOLATE BROWNIES For a variety of health-related reasons, I’ve been attempting to go vegan. Truth to tell, it’s been a dismal failure, especially over Thanksgiving – partly because I cannot resist cooking for others, and partly because I love my once-a-year stuffing made with rye bread, fresh herbs, and a handful of sour cherries…


WHO IS THIS DR. KYRE PERSON ANYWAY? It’s snowing.  I lived in the UK for 20 years followed by five years in Vermont, so you’d think I would be used to the colder weather, but sheesh!  Third snow of the season, and it’s not even December!  After 18 years in California, my blood is too…