Teal Sheep Foundation

The Teal Sheep Foundation (TSF) is a private charitable foundation established in 2011 under Nevada trust laws.  It’s had 501c3 tax-exempt status since 20. July, 2012 with two Trustees:  Kyre Adept and Kendis Keeping.

Why Teal Sheep?  Because both Trustees come from families that have no clue about who they are or what they can do.  However, they know it’s not criminal, so we’re not black sheep… we’re teal sheep!  And that is the kind of program the Teal Sheep Foundation supports:  quirky, intellligent and humanitarian, based around our interest in holistic healing, spirituality, the arts, writing, and chocolate!

The TSF mission is “to pursue flights of fancy, and support artists, healers, and dreamers with radical notions for the social and environmental good.”

TSF has two major legs:

1.  Workshops, retreats and residencies in the areas of the arts, writing, music, holistic healing, post-religious spirituality, and new environmental technologies such as renewable power sources.  In the first five years, we anticipate starting and running up to seven retreat centers, tentatively located in Santa Barbara, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Peru, Ghana, and northern India.

2.  Intelligent philanthropy – that is, starting and supporting 501c3 foundations that align with our umbrella. We anticipate having a lot of fun spreading great projects around the world!

In order to create and administer these projects, including donations, we anticipate a core staff group of ten people, which will double every years for five years; this core will be supported by independent attorneys, accountants, auditors, and international administrators.

For more details — once we are fully funded — you can check out our website:  https://tealsheep.foundation.