Bread, glorious bread!

Like many others, I am now making bread, even though I am sensitive to wheat.  Of course, this means that my local circle gets to sample lots of delicious loaves!  The recipes can be found in my blog, and here are links to the printable files as well:

No-time Black Rye Bread v2 — easy recipe, No-Time style but with some levain

Baguettes à l’ancienne — the classic French batons

Boule, No-knead, gluten-free — gluten-free round loaf

Cherry-Chocolate Rye Bread:  wonderful toasted with a smear of cream cheese

Country bread — Pain de Campagne — made with levain and some wholewheat and rye flour

No-knead Bread — quick and easy recipe

Lavender Bread — a variation on Rosemary Olive Oil bread, with fresh lavender leaves — perfect for French toast!

Mediterranean Bread — with homedried oregano, marjoram, and sage

Olive+Dill Bread — a variation on Rosemary Olive Oil BreadPain de campagne v2

Pain de Campagne 2

Pain de Campagne 3 — with more rye for texture and flavor

Rosemary Olive Bread — currently voted the favorite bread!

Rye Bread – No-knead:  a quick(ish) no-knead recipe, this ONLY takes four hours!

Swedish Limpa Bread— redolent with orange zest, anise, fennel, and caraway