Spiritual Integration is a five-volume series (so far) that looks at the universe as a macrocosm and your human life as a microcosm so that you can start seeing how to change your life. Based on Geotran™ human programming concepts, this series helps you see your place in the universal fields, and how you can use your divine blueprint to create a magnificent life aligned with what you are designed to do, be and have on this planet.

Volume 1:  The Spirit of Intelligence combines philosophy, spirituality and human energy programming with a dash of humor and quantum physics to give a vivid picture of how the universe works and how we humans fit into it. Understanding how the energy fields work lets you start to change your reality… Click here for a longer description of The Spirit of Intelligence.

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Volume 2:  God in Body continues to examine how we humans (as microcosm) fit in with the universe (as macrocosm), especially when it comes to purpose, passion and your divine assignments. What are you here for? Maybe it’s time to find out!  Click here for a longer description of God in Body.

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Volume 3:  (Attending) God School addresses what we are here to learn and do on this planet: become co-creators with God and reproduce/recreate heaven on earth. What’s your purpose and passion? What do you need to learn in order to fulfill your assignments? Explore the five core courses, and then consider your electives… Click here for a longer description of God School.

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Volume 4: Beyond the Mountain looks at what life can be like after enlightenment. Climbing the mountain is only the first half: what comes afterward can be just as challenging and even more fun. What would you be doing if you had that perfect balance of work, play and Spirit?  Click here for a longer description of Beyond the Mountain.

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Volume 5:  Divine Feminine ReValuation — what does this mean? Whether that’s about the end of the Mayan calendar or the end of the world as we know it, we are shifting in all sorts of ways – large and small. Not just on this planet but throughout the galaxy, we are at the change-point of releasing the divine masculine outbreath of God, and beginning the divine feminine inbreath. Whoosh!  Click here for a longer description of Divine Feminine ReValuation.

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Volume 6:  Divine Feminine Glory:  This volume will look at ‘glory’ as the cornerstone of the divine feminine.  My teacher often said, “The Glory of God is intelligence, which is truth and light.”  Above every glory is a higher glory, so above every truth is a higher truth, and above every  light is a higher light.  What light+truth is unique to the divine masculine, as the counterpoint to the divine masculine, and foundation of the universe?  (to be published in Summer 2018)

Volume 7:  Divine Feminine Ordering:  Both masculine and feminine are aspects of the divine – and each has both lighter and darker sides. The time has come for the ordering aspect of the divine feminine to clean up the mess left by male energies and activities. What will our lives look like when the areas based on fear and doubt are swept away by tranquility, order and the feminine power of receptivity?  (to be published in January 2018)


Escape from boring food with mouthwatering recipes that are easy to follow, fun to make and healthy. Stunning design and the visual appeal of lavish full-color photographs make this series of cookbooks a treat for the eye as well as the taste buds.  Presented with humor and practical tips for success, these cookbooks are joint venture between chef/writer Kyre Adept, and photographer Madeleine Vite.

French Cooking for Potlucks a/k/a Cooking for Film Night:  For two years, I cooked fabulous savory dishes and desserts for the film night group I attended with a dozen friends.  Based on my background as a chef in a French restaurant, these recipes had to be flexible as to size and ingredients, either easy to reheat or able to keep warm in Le Creuset caseroles, and avoiding ingredients that my fellow cineastes found difficult — which means no pork, shellfish, green peppers, or most beans.  So if you participate in potlucks, using this cookbook could be a great way to up your game!

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Food for Health Cookbook:  Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free Living Foods:
As Madeleine and I worked on Cooking for Film Night, we found ourselves moving more and more towards a food pattern that is easier on the digestion and the immune system.  So we developed recipes that are delicious while letting go of diary, gluten, and sugar.  Ready to experiment with a new, fresh way of eating that will help you feel brighter and cleaner?  These recipes may be your perfect bridge…

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And, coming soon… Healthy Holidays, jam-packed with luscious recipes that are actually good for you!


Here you will find photography books for your entertainment and inspiration. Breathtaking, intelligent photography combines with clear, concise writing to stimulate the senses of men and women who appreciate elegant feminine beauty. There’s even a book on photographic techniques, to help you capture those sensual moments in your own life.  All three books are a collaboration between photographer Madeleine Vite and writer/designer Kyre Adept.

Boudoir Photography:  Presenting Today’s Stunning Women, Age 21 to 81:  Madeleine Vite, photographer extraordinaire, specializes in bringing out the beauty and style of women of all ages, from the fresh 21-year-old to the cherished 81-year-old creating glamour shots at the request of her husband.  I just added words and book design — the true creativity lies in Madeleine’s eye, experience, and heart.

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Artistic Nudes:  This collection showcases the best of Madeleine’s vast archive of nudes taken over two decades of professional photography.  A former model herself, Madeleine has the experience on both sides of the camera to bring together the nude form with landscapes and abstract design across a remarkable range of aesthetic styles.

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Camera Phone:  How to Make Pro Photos:  These days we all have smartphones, and the result is a flood of mediocre selfies, blurry pet shots, and unfocused landscapes.  Madeleine combines her 20 years of professional photography with Kyre’s communication skills to give bring you into the digital age of smartphone images.  With the tips in this concise ebook, you can bring up the level of your snapshots with surprising speed and efficiency!

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